Monday, May 15, 2006

she loves me through her body

At night I return to Your body,
in the morning I step out into Your body.
When I am alone I am Your body.
When I am crowded with hectic thought
I am also that starry depth of Your still mind-
Your body of love
that cosmic anatomy that is the flower of Your space.
Your limbs and heart are in correspondence
with my hands, feet and torso.
The only reason my soul weeps
is that it is one dream acre from Your earth
but you are still the meadow I blossom in.
You are still my tenderness and compassion,
my frustration and discomfort, my passion.
You are the thought and its creation.
You do not go anywhere without me.
For this life in Your body, as Your flesh
and perfect expression
I give thanks.

Goddess figure from Tarxien temple