Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Magdalene

The Magdalene takes you to Her cave in the sky:

you are taught the scripture of Her body

its starry gaze, its dark blooms

where rooms open to become heavens.

She lays you down in Her,

She invites

and bids you enter.

Mary anoints you.

Mary washes your feet with Her hair.

She leads you into Her bridal chambers,

She teaches you the mystery of poetry

how the holy words are inward and female

and must be dressed to be seen.

Then like a seed too full of the sky

you break open to form a mouth for Her prayers.

She speaks to you like mist and sunlight

Her voice releasing

one delicate frond of passion after another.

She sheds two thousand years of tears for you.

You hold her close not daring to speak

daring only to be human enough.

You hold Her like a bee holds a bloom

gathered intimately around as taste and scent.

She tells you that you are Her Jesus

She holds your hand

reading the pain of your life across its palm

a life spent walking away from the Magdalene

away from the Goddess

until you remembered

until your heart opened at last

like a flower in the cave of Her love.