Thursday, July 06, 2006

she breaks you down

It takes time to breakdown.
There are lots of nailed walls
the mildew of hypocrisy.
The old recordings
of a scratched life
that has festered
into fervid hymns.

You want to appease and lie.
You want to steal what you cannot
barter for.
You hide yourself
palsied by deceit.

Then She comes.
You fall apart
but it takes time.
An instant of karma
takes years to remember.
She touches you
but you still fight
to be the ghost you have created.

Now you must slough your mind daily
like dead skin.
You are enlightened
but that is to say
you are just green and seeping
the way a dead branch
covered with thorns
can still weep the bitterness of green.

She is patient.
The Goddess makes love to you
like an older woman does
with a callow youth.
There is much to learn
and you have no skill.
You only have sob stories.
A lust
that is burning you down
like a derelict house.

Image: Passion Goddess by Griselda Tello (c)